The New York Times

"ONE 53, in Rocky Hill, north of Princeton, is the creation of Caron Wendell and her partner, Joseph McLaughlin...

"... It is small and focused, with food listed on one side and wines on the other. The simple brown paper is an indication of proper priorities: spend money on food, print specials on the menu, and cook with the seasons.

"...We left full and happy."
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"Vivacious ONE 53 is satisfying and fun, with a wide enough range of prices and options to insure happiness, whether you're just looking for that burger and fries ... or something with gourmet overtones, such as pan-seared salmon over summer ratatouille..."
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Princeton Packet

"Lucy's Ravioli owners have struck gold with a new bistro in Rocky Hill..."
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Town Topics

"Excellent...The same team that brought us the popular Lucy's Ravioli now has another hit on its hands!"
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Edible, NJ

Lucy's Kitchen and Market featured as one of  Edible NJ Local Heroes
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Jersey Bites

ONE 53 was favorably featured by Foodie and Blooger Amanda Biddle
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Artful Diner

"The good word appears to be spreading at the speed of light. So make weekend reservations well in advance or come early and be prepared to chow down at the bar. Whenever and wherever you may put in an appearance, however, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed..."
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ONE 53
153 Washington Street
Rocky Hill, NJ 08553

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