ONE 53 will be closed until further notice 
Be calm, be safe, take care.

Caron and I are lucky.  

We have always been rich in friends and family. In 2006, our wealth of friends expanded when we opened ONE 53.  We adopted a family of employees and soon grew a family of guests.  We’re lucky - but in the last 24 hours we have learned just how lucky. Since the announcement of the temporary closing of ONE 53, we have experienced an outpouring of “How can we help?” 

ONE 53 will survive. It won’t be easy - and we will have to support the business with savings - but ONE 53 will survive.  

After giving the question considerable thought, we came up with the idea of a GoFundMe page.  

100% of the proceeds will go to the staff. 

Our staff is the backbone of ONE 53 and have propelled us into the restaurant you have come to love.   They have grown families, purchased cars, and purchased homes in pursuit of the American dream.  All of this as the result of your support.  If you are so inclined, they could use your support now.

Thank you,
Joe and Caron




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ONE 53 is a ninety-nine seat cozy bistro serving New American cuisine in a relaxed setting. Our menu features seasonally changing specials using only the best and freshest ingredients from trusted sources and locally when available.

The restaurant features wines from the US and Europe along with a full bar offering a variety of traditional and specialty hand-crafted cocktails. We're located in Rocky Hill, just minutes from Princeton, NJ.

We've received glowing reviews from The New York Times, The Star Ledger, The Times of Trenton, NJ Monthly and other local publications.


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ONE 53
153 Washington Street
Rocky Hill, NJ 08553

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